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Every manufacturing project is unique with specific needs of each industry.  NNIC’s vast property holdings provide numerous configurations and site parameters including topographic, frontage, site-buffering and open-space options.  NNIC is ready to meet your operational requirements and provide answers to your most important questions.


Working hand in hand with Lyon County staff and elected officials, the Industrial Center has an approved Specific Plan on record, with a Planned Unit Development underway.  Development Agreement procedures are currently being negotiated, meaning a clear path to development of your site.  Entitlements in hand, and a County staff ready to support and assist your project from the moment you choose your site—this is the manufacturer’s dream come true.


Water and wastewater facilities are designed and portions already under construction for Phase I, with future interconnections to each area already planned.  Electric power options abound in the area, with renewable resources available as well.  Logistical solutions for getting products to market are numerous and provide reliable options for your project.


The state’s economic incentives are recognized as among the best in the nation—Nevada was ranked the 3rd Most Business Friendly Tax Climate by the Tax Foundation for 2015, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development provides opportunities for tax incentives and abatements for many projects, large and small.  Northern Nevada has benefitted from a tremendous wave of incoming industries who recognized the value of locating to the area.

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